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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the ingredients in your formulas?


What are the nutrients in your formulas?




How safe is BSF? How is the quality of BSF assured?


Is BSF a raw food?


How do I eat BSF?


How do I keep the BSF to preserve it best?


How much BSF should I consume each day?


How can BSF help with my specific medical condition?


What is the difference between BIOSUPERFOOD and BIOPREPARATION?


What is the difference between the formulas F1, F2 and F3?


What's the difference between BSF and the many synthetic nutritional supplements found on the market today?


How is BSF different from other brands of algae?


Why should I consume BSF daily?


Can I feed BIOPREPARATION to my pets?


How does BSF work?


When will I notice a difference?


Can pregnant or nursing mothers use BSF?


I have been taking BSF for a week. I am not feeling benefits yet; in fact, I feel more tired and have had a slight headache.


When is the best time to take the BSF?


When I take BSF on a regular basis, should I continue taking my multi-vitamins?


Some algae contain toxic levels of mercury, how do you know that BIOSUPERFOOD does not?


Can BSF vary in color from bottle to bottle?


Is BSF Kosher?


Could BSF be used as a prenatal vitamin? How much folic acid does it contain?



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