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All return of merchandise must be pre-approved by calling our office at 877-288-9116 to obtain a RMA approval.

For refunds, please refer to our Refund page at

You will be responsible for the return shipping cost unless otherwise agreed.

You are responsible for ensuring safe return to BIOAGE, and for providing a USPS carrier tracking number for returned merchandise.

We cannot be responsible for items that never reach our warehouse, or do not include customer information. 

Return using the original packaging (recommended) or a sturdy box to ensure your return is not damaged in transit. 

Include your original receipt or your name, and telephone number in the package.

We cannot refund lost or unreturned bottles.

IMPORTANT: The United States Postal Service (USPS) is requesting more documentation when filing claims for lost or damaged shipments.  If you receive a damaged package/product, an empty package, or if you do not receive your package at all due to mishandling on the part of the USPS, please provide as much information as possible, including photos of the damaged packaging and/or items with addressee and sender info as well as proof of insurance, as applicable.  We also recommend that you hang on to the original packaging until your claim is settled. For more detailed information of requirements, please refer to:   We will do everything possible to assist in the case of lost or damaged shipments.


NOTE: This return policy applies to retail customers.  Resellers please refer to our Reseller policy regarding returns.


Please ship your return via USPS to:



DISCLAIMER -  By ordering from BIOAGE you are stating that you agree to the above.


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